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When our goofy girls started getting chubby, we began reading treat labels carefully. Do you know what we found? Soy, corn, wheat, palm oil, sugar, and preservatives. Yuck! So we began baking our own HEALTHY, LOW-CALORIE treats, and Derpy Doggy was born. Today, we are proud to offer treats that are GLUTEN FREE, baked with simple, PREMIUM INGREDIENTS, and made without any preservatives. Now you can feel great about giving your dogs clean treats to keep them happy and HEALTHY!

And we love sharing our treats with mission-driven organizations, like Murphy's Paw Rescue, a foster-based Connecticut non-profit that has rescued thousands of dogs from shelters and neglectful/abusive situations and matched them with loving families. If you're interested in partnering with us, give us a paw (or email!)

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At Derpy Doggy, we use only premium ingredients to create clean treats! That's why we're proud to use Bob's Red Mill non-GMO flours and nutritional yeast.

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